Mary Walker Foundation's Reading Programs Open Doors To A Better Future

It is no secret that reading is one of the most important skills to learn. If a child doesn’t have the desire or motivation to read, they won’t want to learn other new skills, and will find it difficult to become successful in life. Mary Walker Foundation’s Reading Programs provide students with an opportunity to actively engage in their education by doing something they love – reading!


At Mary Walker Foundation, we believe that our future is in the hands of children. This statement can be found on our website and illustrates the organization’s commitment to developing literacy among students.  Our mission of improving student learning through reading is evident by the number of literacy and education programs we offer.

What were the accomplishments of Mary Walker Foundation's Reading Programs?

Mary Walker Foundation has a commitment to giving children with limited access to quality education the chance to succeed.  We have had multiple successes in this effort, including raising literacy rates and cutting dropout rates.


Mary Walker Foundation Reading Programs are committed to opening doors of opportunity to all children. Our organization is dedicated to improving literacy and education in Chattanooga and throughout United States by supporting organizations that provide free or low-cost reading programs. These programs give children access to the books they need to succeed in school and life.   The Mary Walker Foundation offers a variety of programs that help people develop proficiency in reading, writing and math. The foundation offers programs for children, adults, and seniors.


All children deserve a chance to read and learn, but it can be difficult to create the right conditions for everyone. Mary Walker Foundation provides schools with the tools they need to help students succeed in their reading endeavors and have opened doors for better futures.


The Mary Walker Foundation’s reading programs have given hope to students by opening doors for them to better futures. The program started in 1959 with the vision of Mary Walker, a retired teacher and school administrator, who believed that every student deserved a fair chance at a good education. Since then, her generosity has helped create the largest free or low-cost reading program in the United States.

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