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About FEV Tutoring

FEV Tutor takes a collaborative approach to deliver live, virtual tutoring solutions to K-12 schools and districts. We work directly with teachers and leadership to align tutoring to our partner’s standards, curriculum, goals, and initiatives. The result is a targeted tutoring program that represents a natural extension of the student’s core classroom.


FEV Tutor offers School, District, and Program Site Licenses’ which include Banks of Live 1:1 Instructional Hours’ in addition to several other wrap-around services. To keep the purchasing process streamlined, our licenses are purchased just like a software license– with one purchase order issued for the licenses. This allows 100% of the license

purchased to go to direct Live 1:1 instruction for students.

Why Choose Us?

We have a proven track record for driving academic gains and student growth across our programs. As an ESSA-compliant solution, our tutoring sessions are data-driven to be personalized for each student. We pair each student with the same tutor throughout scheduled tutoring sessions to maintain academic consistency and establish a routine of engaged learning. To ensure satisfaction and growth, students exit each tutoring session by providing feedback about their session. This allows FEV Tutor to track data for each experience and ensure that students are engaged in their learning. We use captured data to adjust lessons, tutors, learning styles, and content until students are satisfied with their session.

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