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Our Founder​

Late Reverend J. Lloyd Edwards Jr.

At 90 years old, Reverend John Lloyd Edwards was one of Chattanooga’s oldest and most active ministers, pastoring Cosmopolitan Community Church. He was born to The Late Reverend John Lloyd Edwards, Sr. and Mahala Edwards in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as the second youngest of 12 children. Several communities in Oklahoma are named after the Edwards family, who were early pioneers in the state’s Black community.

He is the author of Ex-Slave Extra: The Mary Walker Story and is regarded as one of the region’s major proponents of literacy and Black History.

Mary Walker Foundation

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help alleviate poverty for all Chattanooga Citizens and help create economic stability through literacy training and educational activities.

Mary Walker Foundation

Who is Mary Walker?

Mary Walker was born in 1848 in Union Springs, Alabama, and was enslaved until she was 15 years old when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863. She was married and had her first child by the age of 20. She had worked a variety of occupations by the time she was 68, including cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and selling sandwiches to earn funds for her church. Walker and her family then relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee, In 1917. by the age of 114, she had lost all three of her children as well as her husband.


She enlisted in the Chattanooga Area Literacy Movement (CALM) in 1963, where she was taught by Helen Kelly, A volunteer teacher. She learned to read, write, add, and subtract in a one-hour lesson two times a week for more than a year, According to WRCB-TV.

Walker received A number of medals and accolades for her endurance and determination, including the Key to Chattanooga. She was also designated Chattanooga’s Ambassador of Goodwill twice and was certified as the Nation’s Oldest Student by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. In addition, she was honored by Two U.S. presidents, dignitaries from around the country and Canada, and even an aircraft flight in 1966. Following her death In 1969, the City of Chattanooga renamed her retirement home and built a memorial to honor her life.

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Adrian Edwards

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Elizabeth Tallman — Executive Administrator     LaTonya Pinkard — Director of Education

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Nancy Cogar, Esq — Vice President                      Nea Paris — Secretary & Business Consultant

Sheryl Fletcher — Registered Nurce                 Darell Walsh, PH.D — UTC Sociology Professor

Regina Enochs — Accounting Professional         Kemberly Edwards PH.D — Education Admin

Bruce Morgan — Bryan College Dean of Students                       John Edwards, III — Ex Oficio


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